creation 2022

© Laurent Paillier

ALGERIA ALEGRIA is embodied in the on-stage relationship between Dalila Khatir and David Wampach, who relive their memories of dances in Algeria.

ALGERIA ALEGRIA sounds like the title of a diva's song. The similarity in the sound of the two words raises questions about their association. The juxtaposition of the word ALGERIA, which of course evokes Algeria, and its anagram ALEGRIA, which means joy and gladness in Spanish and Portuguese, gives rise to an incantation: joy is contained in the word ALGERIA.

Having researched Santeria in Cuba, tarantella in southern Italy, and other dances of possession and healing, David Wampach has identified similarities between most of these ritual dances, particularly in the way they activate the body through music, a frenetic rhythm, colours and smells. ALGERIA ALEGRIA prompts a synaesthetic experience, during which several senses are summoned to create an altered state in the body.

“With this piece, I'm questioning a part of my origins that I haven't really dealt with until now. Nevertheless, it is not an autobiographical quest. I have chosen a restricted and defined space, a table in the centre of the stage, which serves as a support but also as a physical separation between the two bodies involved. The table reveals two levels, two planes, showing what is visible and what is not. It is both a convivial dining table, a place for conversation and also a place where the body of the deceased is laid to rest for a final cleansing, following the funeral ritual of the Muslim tradition”, David Wampach.

ALGERIA ALEGRIA is a celebration of Algeria today and of its youth, its militancy and its humour. The popular demonstrations that began in February 2019 (calling for reform of the Republic and the departure of Bouteflika) have been dubbed the Hirak, which means "movement" in Arabic.


choreography and costumes • David Wampach
performers • Dalila Khatir and David Wampach
artistic collaboration • Magda Kachouche and Tamar Shelef
light • Samuel Dosière
sound • Jordan Dixneuf
light management • Gabriel Bosc, Dorothée Dubus
costumes design • Marion Duvinage, Eli del Oro

Thanks to • Régis Badel, Nadim Bahsoun, Foxie 2000, Salladhyn Khatir, Mustapha Lakhdari, Zoé Lenglare, Rachel Garcia, Pierre Mourles et Silvia Romanelli

production and touring • Karen Jouve
administration • Sylvie Suire
production • Association Achles


coproduction • KLAP Maison pour la danse - Marseille • Scène Nationale d’Orléans • Résidence d’Artiste // Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Hauts-de-France // direction Sylvain Groud • LE DANCING CDCN Dijon Bourgogne Art Danse • VIADANSE - CCN Bourgogne Franche Comté à Belfort • Charleroi danse, Centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles • ICI—Centre chorégraphique national Montpellier Occitanie / Direction Christian Rizzo • La Maison CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie • CNDC – Angers

studio loan • Montévidéo, Centre d’Art - Marseille • Marseille objectif dansE

March 17, 2021 • festival + de genres - KLAP Maison pour la Danse, Marseille (présentation travail en cours)
December 17, 2021 • Ouverture plateau Viadanse - CCN Belfort (présentation travail en cours)
March 10, 2022 • première • Festival Soirées Performances - Théâtre d'Orléans
March 19, 2022 • Festival Art Danse - CDCN Le Dancing Dijon
June 18, 2022 • Uzès Danse - CDCN La Maison Uzès
September 16, 2022 • ICE Festival - Le Sew Morlaix
June 27 and 28, 2023 • Festival Montpellier Danse
May 13 and 14, 2024 • Le Cratère, Scène nationale d'Alès
June 12, 2024 • Les Rencontres à l'Échelle, Marseille

David Wampach manifestement • Jean-Paul Garino • Offshore • June 2024 • link