creation 2023

© Valerie Archeno

On the Icelandic island of HEIMAEY, just 50 years ago, in the early hours of 23rd January 1973, a sudden burst of fire erupted at the harbour with no warning whatsoever. Fountains of lava gave rise to impressive flows, considerably enlarging the island.

The earth on which we walk is in perpetual motion. Volcanoes have shaped the face of the planet, given it life, and caused islands to emerge. Because of their unpredictable nature, they are the subject of beliefs and rituals the world over. In Indonesia, for example, volcanoes are said to be the places where the spirits come to dance. On the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, the inhabitants perform dances and make offerings to Pele, the goddess of fire and dance. Celebrating telluric forces could be an alternative to what we are currently experiencing, a way of opening our eyes to the world and its fragility.

The starting point for HEIMAEY is the natural phenomena that conjure up the idea of impermanence. Like volcanic activity, the walk invites us to meditate, step back and take stock, while keeping in mind this unpredictable nature. More specifically, during the walks we suggest, the audience/walkers are invited to enjoy a physical experience. The body is encouraged to walk at a comfortable pace, to meet the needs of everyone, whatever their age or physical condition. We also want to include people with disabilities, and thanks to the Orange Foundation, we have acquired a joëllette, a one-wheeled wheelchair that can be used in mid and high-mountain areas.

HEIMAEY is also a time for taking care. We want to invite all the participants (artists, audiences, host teams) to take care of their relationship with the environment in the broadest sense: to take care of their relationship with the earth, with the living beings that it contains, with the city, with their neighbourhood, with others and with themselves.


The artistic walks we are proposing will fit in and adapt to specific places and contexts, to promote heritage, traditions and local initiatives.

HEIMAEY is an artistic project with variable parameters. From pairs to groups (from 3 to 7 performers), we will adapt to the resources and time available, just as we will adapt to the space available during the walks.

Drawing on the research and creative work done beforehand, the artistic team will take up residency in situ over a period to be determined, to explore the area and meet the people who live there.

The walks will take a variety of forms in terms of time, rhythm and artistic disciplines. Each walk will be unique in one way or another, and will systematically involve a moment of culinary art, a source of both sharing time and promoting local culture, in partnership with local producers. Our shared experiences will culminate in a meal, wine tasting and local produce.

conception • David Wampach
performance duo version • Tom Crebassa and Léa Leclerc
performance group version • Tom Crebassa, Silvia Di Rienzo, Dalila Khatir, Louis Forment, Léa Leclerc, Pierre Mourles, Yasmine Youcef
sound recording • Tom Crebassa
sound creation • Pierre Mourles

production and touring • Karen Jouve
administration • Sylvie Suire

production • Association Achles

December 3, 2022 • Charbon Ardent, La Grand-Combe
April 28 and 29, 2023 • La Berline, Champclauson
May 18, 19, 20, 2023 • Festival DÉTER, La Grand-Combe
September 21 and 22, 2024 • Wei!, Andé